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Do You Have Silver Fillings?

When silver fillings are placed in the mouth they are composed of silver, tin, copper, zinc, and mercury. The exact percentages of the first four metals vary from brand to brand, but the amount of mercury, which is a poisonous material, is always at least 50%. It leaches out of the filling and is absorbed by the body. Mercury poisoning is the greatest masquerader of our time.

It is well known that mercury will store 1st in the kidney, 2nd in the liver, 3rd in the neurological tissue, 4th in the GI tract, and then in the rest of the tissues. Symptoms related to mercury are vast; however, even the American Dental Association (ADA) admits to the following symptoms:

1)Tremor observed in fine voluntary muscle movement, such as handwriting, eventually progressing to convulsions

2)Depression, fatigue, increased irritability, moodiness, nervous excitability- especially when criticized

3)Inability to concentrate, loss of memory

4)Insomnia or drowsiness

5)Nausea and diarrhea

6)Loss of appetite

7)Birth defects in offspring

8)Nephritis or symptoms of kidney disease


10)Swollen glands and tongue

11)Ulceration of oral mucosa

12)Dark pigmentation of marginal gingiva and loosening of teeth

If you have a silver filling it would be wise to find a dentist who specializes in their removal. It can get expensive if you have a mouth full of them, but you will be able to help alleviate a lot of your symptoms if you get them removed. It is definitely worth it to not be continually toxifying the body.

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