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In the Garden of Eden:

"And God said, 'I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the earth, and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.'" ~Genesis 1:29 NIV


How to Stay Raw

Lots of Fruit

The best way to stay raw is after you have eaten vegan for awhile (6- 12 months). After you have become confident in eating vegan, and had some time to detox your body, it will be easier to stay raw. There are lots of wonderful gourmet raw recipes out there to help you get used to eating raw, that have some resemblance to recipes you used to enjoy. It is also good to start eating lots of fruit, instead of focusing too much on high fat foods. If you want to eat healthy, focusing on the fruit will help you in the long-term instead of eating too many fats. It really helps to eat more fruit calories to help you stay away from cooked foods.

In the beginning it can be hard, but don't be so hard on yourself. It is up to you to determine what amount of raw foods you want to include in your diet. You could decide to eat raw until supper (60-70% raw), eat raw all day and part of the supper be cooked and raw (85%), or eat one or two meals that are cooked per week (90-98% raw) or eating everything raw (100%). It is really up to you to determine which level will work for you and what you will enjoy. Eating at least 60- 70% raw will help you overcome many issues you might be experiencing and help prevent you from the many illnesses and diseases. (Check out www.hacres.com for more info about eating 85% raw).

Also making sure most of your produce is organic helps tremendously. The flavor is often a lot better, has fewer toxins, and has more nutrients. If you want to enjoy eating raw, then high quality produce is a must. It really helps to stay raw when you are enjoying what you are eating.

Having ripe fruit on hand is also helpful. If you are eating "high raw" (90% +) you will have to plan a couple weeks at a time so that you will have ripe fruit on hand. Fruit can sometimes take 1-2 weeks to ripen fully. If you don't have ready to eat fruit on hand you will be more likely to fall back into eating more cooked food.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should keep track of the calories you are consuming in the beginning so you have an idea of how much food you should be eating in a day. I struggled a lot with intense cravings but it was because I was WAY under-caloried. Once you have a feel for how much you should be eating you won't need to keep track of your daily calories.


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